Assessment and Sign up

Some clients will not require a personal assessment and will join the gym without needing the following.

Others may need to sit with me and if necessary have a personal assessment and discuss the following:
Demographic history – name, age, telephone numbers, address etc.
Blood pressure and blood sugar if relevant.
Medical history.

We will discuss and manage their first session and how to progress with their fitness program. We will discuss how often they wish to  attend the gym and will make appointments accordingly – to suit their schedules.

Their sessions will include some cardiovascular work and muscle strengthening of all muscle groups, balance and agility/flexibility exercise. They will be encouraged to stretch before and static stretch after sessions.

We have a great variety of equipment in the gym which can accommodate all ages and levels of fitness.
We have weights  – free weights and machines, cardiovascular machines – treadmills, bicycles, rowing machines, a trampoline and an elliptical trainer and elliptical bicycle.
We do chair exercises with stretching and elastic therabands, sticks and balls.  The general age group for this class is over 70 and the oldest (and one of the fittest I might add) is over 90.
We do floor exercises classes and ball exercise classes.
We have a bar for stretches and standing poses.
We have machinery to assist with abdominal crunches.

We may concentrate on balance – with a Bosu ball – and posture with abdominal strengthening exercises.

We also have winter afternoon classes which replace the aqua-fit summer schedule.

I am in the gym most mornings with clients but I also have clients using the gym when I’m not there.  We are a friendly bunch and so it is nice to attend when others are around.

We may have the T.V. on in the background, and often music will be playing softly.
We open the glass doors onto our garden whenever possible and have fresh air whenever we can.
We also have air conditioning for the summer heat!
We may have birds, Franklin’s, in particular popping in and we have a cat attending the chair class with Mum – hopefully not at the same time as the Franklins.