The Aquatic Experience

Water exercise inspires everyone no matter the age, sex or fitness.

Dena and Trudi are both qualified SAWFA instructors. We also have aquatic rehabilitation qualifications.  We are both health professionals.

Dena is qualified in Neuromuscular Integrated Activity (NIA) and Trudi co -ordinates the cardiac rehabilitation program in the Western Cape.

Classes Available:

Aqua-fit Classes:

Aqua-fit classes are available every week day, morning, afternoon and early evening.  Availability and times on request.  These classes are loved by all and give you a tremendous workout.  Cost R60 per class.  Using music to inspire movement is great fun.

Aqua Teen classes:

Upbeat, Outdoors, social & enjoyable.  Improve sport performance, fitness, core strength muscle strength and flexibility.

Aqua Pregnancy classes:

Exercising in water is a wonderful way to feel good and releases serotonin (our feel good hormone) which in turn will give huge benefits in pregnancy.  Safe and effective.   This will help you maintain overall physical fitness and regain your pre- pregnancy shape reducing risk of injury.  These sessions focus on:  pelvic floor exercises, posture, flexibility, muscle toning, stretch, and improved circulation.  Water exercise reduces oedema, alleviates joint stress and back discomfort and improves general well-being during pregnancy.

Sport Specific Water Power Aqua Classes:

This is for the super fit.  2 qualified coaches. Cross training focusing on a well rounded exercise program. In the comfort of water all sport specific movements will improve. Make your golf swing more accurate and powerful, Run and cycle faster and further.  Improve your tennis skills. Whatever your sport, targeted cross training will bring desired results.

Individual Programmes:

Therapeutic Aquatic individual classes are available and are an effective way to strengthen muscles, improve balance, and generally improve overall fitness and movement.  This allows you to work out while your body heals and speeds recovery after injury or surgery.  Whether it is a problem with your foot, ankle knee, hip, back shoulder or neck, book for some individual therapeutic sessions.

Individual attention assists elderly clients and those with balance disorders.  Become stronger, more active and fit without fear of falling.  Wear a flotation belt to feel safe and secure.

If you have a cardiovascular or pulmonary condition aqua exercise will encourage your heart to beat stronger and more effectively therefore improving circulation and breathing.  Individual attention allows you to exert effort whilst keeping your heart rate within a safe effective range.


Aqua-fit R60 per class, payable monthly

Aqua Teen R60 per class, payable monthly

Aqua Pregnancy R60 per class, payable monthly

Sport Specific Water Power Aqua, R100 per class, payable monthly

Baseline Assessment with introduction to aquatic rehab programme R400

45 min Follow up Individual Sessions R250

Distraction technique R50

Timetable 2018:

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Please contact Dena via email – for further information.



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