Myself and my partner are SAWFA trained.  Aquafit classes are available every week day, morning, afternoon and early evening.  Availability and times on request.  These classes are loved by all and give you a tremendous workout.  Cost R60 per class.  Music is played during each session which is great fun.


Therapeutic Aquatic individual sessions are available on request and are a great way to gain strength and build muscles, gain balance and generally improve overall fitness.  

1)  It is a great way to cross train and enjoy the weightlessness of water. It speeds your recovery after injury or after surgery.   It lets you work out while your injuries heal.

2) Clients with cardiovascular and pulmonary ailments benefit tremendously from aqua exercise.  Exert effort whilst keeping your heart rate within range.

3)  Elderly clients and those with balance disorders will benefit and become stronger, more active and fit without fear of falling.  They can wear flotation belts to assist in feeling safe and secure. 
4) It allows you to maintain coordination and technique of sports skills while injured.

5) Exercising in water is a wonderful way to feel good and releases serotonin (our feel good hormone) which in turn will give huge benefits with depression and anxiety issues. 

Aquatic Rehab and Cross training Programme

Instead of simply becoming frustrated and losing fitness due to injury or inactivity, there is an alternative. Whether it is a problem with your foot, ankle knee, hip, back shoulder or neck, this is the programme for you.

Aquatic Rehabilitation is an effective way to strengthen muscles and improve movement.  It is non-weight bearing and by using a flotation belt it is possible for all.

Please contact Dena for further information.


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